Privacy & Terms

We don't like legalese but we need to tell you these things so you know what to expect and what we promise to do for you to protect your privacy and our limitations when you place an order. 

Order Processing & Refunds:

We love creating beautiful tactile ready art for you in the best manner we can since these items are handmade it takes various amounts of time to create them (some of our creations we offer and can do for you will may take longer or be less time to make) and ready them for shipping to you and there is only so much a person can do especially for handcrafted art that we like to take time to create so that they look good and are of the best quality possible. 

Rush/Expediting requests and shipping:

We do not offer expedited/rush creations nor do we offer rush shipping other than priority mail and express mail as well as UPS/FedEx overnight options. 

Processing time (amount of time it takes to create your request):

For us to dedicate as much time and effort to your request for us to beautifully create something you would like we need at least 3-5 weeks for each request; we at our discretion may work on several orders/requests or one order at a time as necessary.  For larger creations or requests that require several pieces to be made please expect 4-10 weeks.


Refunds & Exchanges: 

Because this is art; some may be uniquely customized very specific to the request that we fulfilled. We would provide a refund or exchange once we are notified of the issue within 90 days; we will work with you on the best solution as each piece will require a unique approach to mending the defects.

If you are simply not satisfied and wish to return it as is; please notify is within 30 days for a no questions asked full refund of the product; we do not refund shipping and handling and we do not pay for return postage. 



Personal information:
We at anytime will never share, sell or rent your personal information directly with anyone which would include email, name, addresses, phone numbers.  We use your email and phone number to send you order information, updates, payment information or other store related communication as necessary.   We do not require you to have an account with us nor do we require email subscription including cellular/mobile text messaging is applied in the same manner.  Text messaging is available to you at no charge from us however your mobile phone carrier may charge you. 


Financial Information:

As part of PCI DSS (PCI Security Standards) we are responsible for protecting your financial information that you give us when you choose to purchase from us. We will never disclose any financial information other than when necessary with approval from you to assist you in making a purchase.  Majority of the time our system will automatically handle your payment and protect your payment information; anytime we receive payment information fully exposed (such as written on paper or in an email) including credit card numbers, and security codes we will immediately remove this information upon completion of an approved transaction by you or store this information if necessary with your approval in a protective filing manner which may  or may not be hard copy or in digital format as necessary.

Regardless of how we receive your financial information we will never use it without your prior approval; we may at our discretion require you to sign stating that you give us permission to use your financial information for the sole purpose of a purchase transaction.  By giving us your financial information voluntarily via this website or in person you are giving us consent to use your financial information for the sole purpose of a purchase transaction you wish to conduct with us. 

At anytime you wish to have any or all of your data removed, we will do so as soon as possible upon your request with the exception of past transactions records; we cannot remove your personal data or financial data from those archived records, however we are required to expunge dated records after a period as required by law from digital and hardcopy files as necessary.